• How does JiuJitsuTrainer work?
    At JiuJitsuTrainer, we have an ongoing effort to compile and categorize JiuJitsu related techniques and provide a learning conduit for the JiuJitsu practioner. This application allows the student to set up their profile and training information on the fly. For Instructors, tools are available to track a students progress and rate them on their techniques so you no longer have to rely on memory on who is having problems with what technique.
  • How do I log a Technique?
    Locate the technique using our search interface. If you don't know the name the technique you can narrow the results down by position and technique type. Once you find your technique you can view the details and if you are a registered user on the site you can select the day you drilled the technique and click the Log Technique Drilled button.
  • How do I log my mat time?
    On the My Profile navigation menu click on the Mat Time logger menu option. You can select the date you grappled/rolled and enter the time in minutes and click the Log Mat time button.
  • How do I view my training logs?
    On the My Profile navigation menu click on My Training logs
  • How do I associate myselft with my JiuJitsu School? First make sure your profile is properly created and updated under My Profile. If you don't see your school in the Schools list add it. After you add the JiuJitsu school you can add yourself as a student to that school.