Founded in the summer of 2012, JuiJitsu trainer is the first of it's kind instructor/student training application.

What is different about JiuJitsuTrainer?

I know what you are thinking. "Another JiuJitsu website?" With the popularity explosion of MMA and Brazilian JiuJitsu, new websites are popping up everyday. Many of these sites are just a jumbled, unorganized set of rehashed information already found on the web. YouTube has a plethora of videos of techniques but the problem is they are not organized and if you are new to JiuJitsu it makes it difficult find what you are looking for. JiuJitsuTrainer is not a wordpress/blog site that uses videos off of youtube and just writes an excerpt about how great this technique is. Instead, we organize and contribute by adding demonstration videos and leveraging existing videos across the web to create a database of JiuJitsu techniques to allow you to log your training and build custom training logs. In addition to this training logging ability we have also added a mat time logger to log your grappling/rolling time accumlated to refer to.

By compiling your training logs you have more accurate tracking of what position and technique types you are dedicating your training time to.

Searching and categorizing

As a student you can filter techniques by the following search criteria as well as able to do string searches on technique names.

  • Technique Type
  • Position
  • Difficulty level
  • Technique/counter association
  • Custom Technique chains (coming soon)
  • Sharable training logs and notes with your instructors and greater training feedback.

Graphs and training data

By logging your techniques it allows a 10K foot view to see how your training time is spent over time.

Additionally you get a visual representation of your actual grappling time over a selectable date range.

Mobile Application

Generation 1 of our mobile application hits the mobile website real time connectivity to your training data and allows you to enter you logs thru your mobile devices. You do not have to worry about losing any of your training data if something happens to your mobile device.